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Shelter Dog Who Slunk Through Life With Her Head Lowered And Tail Tucked Gets Second Chance

 This poor pooch had never experienced any kindness in her life.

Unfortunately, some animals have difficult lives. They have a lot of heartbreaking stories to tell, like this one of a dog who almost forgot what it was like to live. 

This dog had been neglected her entire life and felt as if there was no hope for her.

Dora was a stray dog who was apprehended and brought to the city pound. She never felt love and affection for anyone in the pound. She could probably only hear the cries of the other dogs in the pound who are also deprived of their freedom. Aside from that, she received no good medical attention, which made her life even more difficult.

Fortunately, a squad of rescuers arrived before it was too late to save her. 

Dora was noticed by Howl of a Dog, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Romania. They took her with them and had her treated at the vet clinic right away. She was bathed and fed, and they pledged to provide her with the greatest care possible until she could be adopted. However, it is not as simple as you may believe.

Dora had been living in a dreary environment for so long that she had forgotten what it was like to live. She constantly walked with her head bowed and her tail tucked between her legs. 

It's as if dread, worry, and melancholy all hit her at once. All of that changed when she felt the warm touch of love and care from her saviors.

While she was recuperating, she was also relearning the fundamentals with the assistance of everyone at Howl of a Dog. Her amazing change really warms your heart.

It took her a few weeks to rebuild her faith in humans and hope for a second opportunity at a better life. Dora quickly evolved into a charming and attractive dog, and she had no trouble mingling with humans or playing with other dogs.

When her rescuers took her on walks, you could see her running about with that vibrant gleam in her eyes. She finally learned to live her life with confidence after letting go of her bent head and tuckered tail.  She eventually received the life she truly deserved.

She could have stayed at the shelter indefinitely, but the rescuers realized it would be preferable if she could be adopted as a family pet. Dora, who had been depressed, was eventually adopted by a family in Devon county, England. 

Dora is enjoying her best life, in contrast to how she used to be. She might even have forgotten about such dismal traumas.