“Statue Dog” Came Into Shelter, Stayed In Corner And Couldn’t Move

 He is literally the dog that can't be moved.

An animal shelter in southern Texas contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The dog, which didn't even appear like a dog, was hairless, and his skin was plagued with mange and secondary skin illnesses to the point where he resembled a stone statue rather than a canine. If he does not seek immediate medical attention, he will not survive.

The rescue team felt they had to step in. They took up the puppy, Grinch, and their hearts just broke. What happened to this pup to make him so bad? What became of him? It was heartbreaking, but the only thing that mattered now was getting him healthy. They couldn't even identify what kind of dog Grinch was... he looked like a stone statue.

Grinch was taken to the veterinary clinic and started treatment. He required topical medications as well as medicated baths on a daily basis. Antibiotics were also required for his skin infections. Grinch was underweight as well. It's time to make every effort to make Grinch as healthy as possible so that he can be placed in a foster family.

A month later, the dog had made an astonishing recovery. He was well enough to leave the clinic, but he was quite shy and fearful of other dogs. This would be difficult! No one, however, was given up on the sweet boy. He really looks like a dog now! Isn't he the cutest?

Grinch was placed in a foster home with a beautiful family. His new foster mother worked with Grinch every day. She taught him about toys and everything there was to know about being a dog. His true colors began to shine through. Grinch still has a long way to go, but it appears that his foster family is growing fond of the brave child. Maybe he'll be a foster failure... We're not sure, but one thing we can be confident of is that Grinch's mean days are over! Thanks to everyone who helped his well-deserved puppy!

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