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Stray Dog Sits In Same Spot Every Day, Waiting For Someone To Save Him

 Victim of a cruel superstition, and wandering the streets, Remy just wanted someone to notice him.

When Howl Of A Dog went to a small town in Romania to undertake a spay-neuter campaign, they met a street dog named Remy. That's when they noticed Remy, or rather, when he noticed them.

He raced over to them, wagging his tail and seeking attention. They saw the young dog had a brand on his nose right away. According to Howl Of A Dog, the burn on his nose is the result of a terrible superstition — the notion that burning a dog's snout with a red-hot iron will enhance their immunity system and assist heal distemper!

According to the rescuers, the majority of canines in rural Romania are regarded security dogs or protective "tools." Remy's family disregarded him and left him to fend for himself for whatever reason, basically turning him into a stray. 

As a result, Remy wandered the area, sleeping outside a tiny grocery store where the nice shopkeeper fed him every day.

Despite Remy's welcoming demeanor, the rescue was unable to find anyone in the village to adopt him. 

And every time Howl Of A Dog came into town, Remy would run over to greet them. It's as if he's waiting for them to see him and take him home. “Every morning when we came in the village, he would enthusiastically wag his tail to greet us. It's difficult to comprehend why no one provided him a place to live.”

Rather of abandoning the sweet puppy on the streets, they chose to bring him home. 

Remy is already enjoying his temporary home at their shelter, but he requires a permanent residence. 

Watch the video and read on for more information on how to assist Remy!