This Little Puppy Was Found Injured But Now He Is So Happy To Have A Loving Home

Many people have a soft spot for dogs, but some have taken it to a new level. That is the situation with the people in charge of Beauties, and the Beasts Rescue. They devote their time and energy to assisting little animals who are unable to help themselves. That's why they were so fast to respond when they received a call about a young pitbull puppy that had been hurt in an attack by another dog.

The dog had been taken to a local veterinarian, so members of the rescue went there to assist. It didn't matter that it was Christmas Eve; they recognized that the dog's bite wounds required emergency attention. It had bitten him all over his body, and his head was swollen. To make matters worse, it appeared that this puppy had not eaten in a long time. This rescue took place in Wichita, Kansas, and the medical bills related with it were reimbursed. They also named the puppy Jonah.

Kristin Seawell, Jonah's new foster mother, said that if a few more days had elapsed, the results would have been even worse. Jonah was only ten weeks old and weighed only four pounds. He was famished to the point that his hair was falling out. Jonah fought valiantly for his life and was a happy little puppy. He couldn't stop smiling when he met his new foster mom and her husband!

After several days of specialized care at the veterinarian, he was allowed to go home. The Seawell's have extensive experience in these types of issues. Things seemed to be going well at first, but his front legs collapsed a few days later. Seawell said that he was walking down the hallway when his legs suddenly gave way. The veterinarian believes that his muscles and tendons were compromised due to malnourishment during his first few weeks of life.

The vet installed braces and supports for Jonah to help him recover his front legs. It didn't take him long to grow used to them, and he took advantage of them whenever he needed a snack! Feeding time has been a major training ground for the Seawells. He sits and waits as they prepare his dinner, but he keeps tapping his paws on the floor.

Jonah's development continued, and he began to feel better in a few weeks. Jonah benefits from extra food and braces, but he also gets the love of his new sister, Ariel. Ariel is also a rescue dog. She was rescued by Beauties and Beasts and found this new home. She was mistreated so badly by her previous owner that she now lacks a leg.

Ariel was scarred after being used as a combat bait dog. Her lips was wired shut, and one of her legs was severed. These two seem to have a personal bond. Jonah was terrified of other dogs since he had been attacked at an early age. Ariel helped him determine his comfort level. When another dog brought Jonah a toy, he would defend himself. He had trouble trusting at first, but Ariel taught him how to play.

Jonah has been in the care of the foster family for one month and is nearly recovered. He's seeking for a forever home now that he's been cleared by the veterinarian. Jonah will represent Beauty and the Beast at local community events in Wichita until he finds a permanent home. He'll be spreading the word about the work that saved his life.

“Jonah is here as a result of [the rescue],” Sewell explained. “He's going to a local Girl Scout troop this week to tell them about what to do if you see a dog in difficulty — and they'll get to hear his story.”

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