Un-adoptable Deaf Pit Bull , Works Now As Drug Detection K9

Ghost was on kill-list at shelter, but someone knew that he would be able to do great things

Ghost, a deaf pit bull mix, used to be deemed ‘unadoptable’ due to his disability! However, Swamp Haven Rescue discovered him languishing in a pound in Florida, and transferred him to Port Angeles, Washington. That’s when a K-9 Program Manager for the state’s Department of Corrections and a long time dog coach known as Barb Davenport noticed him.

She realized that even though he was deaf, Ghost didn't have anything anymore. She said he was more targeted because of his hearing loss. Davenport believes that the white canine is the first deaf canine in the united states as she’s been education puppies for the nation when you consider that the 1980s.

In January, the brave dog began to look for the impeccable service of the pill landlocked country as a prison. He has proven that he is a profitable tablet detective. What a comfortable ending!