A Police Dog Was Shot In The Head While Chasing Suspect- Has Emotional Reunion With His Partner

 His eyes "lit up" when seeing his partner again. “Bruno was shot point blank, it was a horrific thing to have to watch,” he told ABC News. “My entire world came tumbling down in the matter of a second.”

Police dogs and their handlers work tirelessly to provide protection and hunting services for the community.


They are, by far, one of the most honorable members of the public service. Hearing a tale of a police officer being shot in the line of duty is indescribably painful. To hurt a police dog, you must be a cold-blooded, cruel criminal. Bruno, a K-9 German Shepherd, was wounded in the face while pursuing a suspect in Anaheim, California.


Not only did he shoot, but he also put himself in harm's way to defend other police. That is the stuff that films are made of. Bruno was the ultimate hero on that day. And then, there are tears. I can only imagine what it must have been like to see your best friend and partner being shot. Bruno was immediately rushed to the hospital.


“Bruno was shot point blank, it was a horrible thing to witness,” he told ABC News. “My entire world came crashing down in a split second.” Fortunately, the bullet missed his heart, though it did enter his lung. Bruno's jaw was also shattered. He was able to remove his breathing tube after two surgeries. Bruno and his partner Officer R.J. Young had an emotional reunion a week later.


Take a look at how these two are inseparable. “The link is inexplicable; seeing him the way he is destroys me,” Young added. Bruno is now 100 percent recovered from his near-fatal shooting and has retired from the police force. After serving in the army for six years, he currently lives at home with Officer Yang and his family. Youthful claims,


“To me, he's like a son. Bruno will remain my companion for the rest of my life.” Officer Yang has acquired a new accomplice in the form of a two-year-old child named Yukon. Once a K-9 cop partner, always a K-9 cop companion! I'm overjoying with the outcome!