Abandoned elderly dog dies hugging his rescuer days after being rescued

Having a pet is a major commitment. Everyone, without exception, should recognize the responsibility that comes with caring for an animal and providing it with the love, care, and respect that every living being deserves. Unfortunately, the truth is sometimes quite different.


Cookie, a cute and lovable puppy, is old and abandoned on the streets of California, USA. His old boss apparently thought he was dead. They simply threw him away like a useless old piece of trash. Unexplainable story, but the truth is that when the poor man with big ears was 14 years old, he lost the support of the people who had provided him with a home and food before. In fact, whether he was truly loved is still debatable.


Cookie's life has never been the same since that fateful day when they decided to abandon him. However, as he came at death's door, he was accompanied by activists from the group that had provided him with the finest moments of his life.And, while Cookie did not die surrounded by his acquaintances, whom he had loved his entire life, he did die surrounded by his true friends, those who are occasionally discovered at the last moment.


“We compassionately caressed little Cookie as he went over to the other side of the rainbow. “As soon as we spotted him on Sunday, April 25, we were at the shelter to rescue another small old man, and they asked us if we could help this 14-year-old furry man who had been abandoned by his family because he was ‘too old,'” the charity said.

“We hugged little Cookie carefully as he crossed over to the other side of Cookie's wonderful past. His caregivers never seemed to want to get rid of him. Sure, he had all the zest and vitality of youth back then. They did, however, grow old without him when he began to have seizures in his golden years, just as people do. “They also informed us that, in addition to being quite elderly, he ‘occasionally suffers seizures.' Now, I really don't know what the true circumstances were that brought us to our haven; all we know is that when he arrived, he was towards the end of his life,” they continued.


He is very thin and in poor health. As a result, the volunteers realized that the best thing for him was a healthy dose of love and friendship, and he felt like the most adored dog in the world in his final days. They did not hesitate to help him. He had arrived at the correct location. They fed him, cleaned him, cut his nails, and most importantly, let him rest assured that he would never be alone again.


Cookie only stayed in the shelter for two days, but that was the most memorable 48 hours for him and his caregivers. He died irreversibly, but owing to the compassion, sensitivity, and dedication of these people, he knew only kindness, sympathy, and dedication at the end. The old doggie died in his rescuer's arms, listening to the heartbeats that led him to the other world, where he will rest in peace.


As the volunteers bid goodbye to the adorable puppy, tears streamed down their cheeks and their hearts swelled. They bid goodbye to him with a group hug, showing him the affection he should not have missed. Tell your best friends about this story. It is important for all those responsible for pets to be aware of the importance of not leaving pets alone, especially when they need more company.


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  • renebesette
    renebesette September 4, 2021 at 8:27 AM

    Bastards who threw him out, I am so glad he died loved. I will never understand this abuse.


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