Amazing Woman Gives Her Own Jacket To Her Dog Who Had To Wait Outside In The Cold

Kristina Hollie and a coworker were waiting on the bus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when they came upon a lovely sight: a puppy conducting errands with his mother. The dog's mother was getting ready to go into the post office, but she couldn't bring the pup with her. So, she did what any dog-mom would do and gently tethered him to a tree outdoors, but what occurred next touched everyone's hearts. She took off her coat and put it on the dog without hesitation.

Then she zips up her coat to make sure he is safely and comfortably wrapped in a warm jacket. “It was quite chilly and windy out there,” Hollie explained to The Dodo. “I noticed he was visibly trembling. She apparently saw it too, because she quickly took off her jacket and covered the sitting dog. Perhaps she believed he'd kick it off, so she knelt and zipped it up around him!”

The excellent child remained quiet as his mother slipped her jacket around him, delighted and pleased to be wearing something so warm. It was obvious that this woman would have taken her furry buddy inside with her if she could, but since she couldn't, she wanted to make him as comfortable as possible for the time being. Before his mother entered the post office, they exchanged a good head bump.

“As soon as she stood up and walked past me, I told her that what she had done was incredibly sweet and thoughtful,” Hollie explained. “She simply replied, 'Thank you!' "I don't want him to be chilly!" Hollie exclaimed to The Dodo. The lovely canine was the focus of attention as he sat calmly on the sidewalk, and people couldn't help but stop to take pictures or offer comments.

“I noticed two or three other people pass past him and comment on how cute and toasty he looked,” Hollie told The Dodo. When Hollie's bus arrived at her stop, it was time to say goodbye to the puppy that was so proudly wearing his mother's coat. It's endearing to witness people who genuinely care about their pets and are willing to make personal sacrifices for the sake of their pets' comfort and well-being. Please share this article with your family and friends!

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