Dog cried near beach for attention hoping someone would help her with her newborn puppies


A dog waiting near a shrub on a beach near Los Angeles pleaded for aid in an attempt to attract the attention of beachgoers. Unfortunately, no one came to her rescue, and everyone simply ignored her and walked away.

When a volunteer from The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation saw the dog clearly in need of help, she decided to follow her; within a few yards of where the mother dog had been wailing, there were her four newborn puppies. Those little ones full of fleas and filth just stayed there for a week and need quick help to survive.

The mother and her four puppies are now safe and get the care they need. “Mom is able to rest and has been a doting mom and is so thankful,” the rescue organization said, with images of the new family.

Meet the "Seaside Squad," which includes Coral (mom), Pearl, Reef, Gully, and Ripley.


To help:

Mailing Address:

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

15111 Ventura Blvd. Unit 401

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

(747) 998-5568

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