Dog Cuddles With Injured Baby Deer Until Help Arrives

 A dog’s love has no limits.

The feelings of a dog have no boundaries. Many dogs, especially a Nashville pup named Zoe, seem to be ready to help anyone. When an ailing deer walked onto Zoey's property, the pup sympathized with the small creature instead of being protective. She assisted her human in caring for the baby deer and lavished the vulnerable animal with love and kisses.


The deer is now on its way to professional care, due to the generosity of the dog and her family. Zoey's generosity may have even saved the fawn's life! Pat Pollifrone of the band The unexpected guest musician Miller Holler (Miller Holler) found the deer alone in his yard. He knew that wild creatures should be kept in their original habitats wherever possible, so he returned the fawn to the woods. The fawn, on the other hand, couldn't stay away.


“We found this little sweetie in the yard yesterday and carried her into the woods. “I came out this morning to see her lying in the driveway,” Pollifrone wrote on Instagram. “I guess we now have a deer.”

Bambi was Pollifrone's name for the fawn. He brought her some water and treated some of her wounds, including a tick-borne infection around her eye. It wasn't long until Zoey observed the deer and decided she, too, wanted to help. Zoey continued to check on Bambi, kissing her and cuddling with her. It was the most touching sight.


Bambi is free to return to the wild at any time, but as long as she is alive, Pollifrone is determined to help her. He is aware, though, that he is not a deer specialist. Therefore, he looked for someone who was more capable of taking care of Bambi.


Bambi's Safe Zone, Unfortunately, none of the animal rescue organizations he contacted were ready to take care of the young deer. Other wildlife rehabilitation facilities were likewise difficult to find. So, he kept giving her the finest care he could, with the support of Zoey, of course.

Pollifrone said, "We will continue to care for the infant until mama returns." “She is performing SO MUCH BETTER! Defecate, urinate and drink goat's milk The inflammation in her eye is healing, and the ticks have left her alone.”


Gibson County Goat Ranch finally offered to look after Bambi. Zoey and the fawn will miss each other terribly, but it's in Bambi's best interests. Hopefully, she will be able to be released back into the wild after her stay at the goat farm. But, for the time being, she will concentrate solely on recuperating. She was quite fortunate to have come across Pollifrone and Zoey's welcoming house.

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