Dog Dropped At Shelter Is So Sad His Family Doesn't Want Him Anymore

Hunter believes that he has an eternal home, where people will cherish the rest of his life. Regrettably, he was incorrect. Last week, the 6-year-old puppy was handed over to the Humane Society of Houston, Texas. Hunter's former owners informed workers that he wasn't getting along with their new puppy and that they'd decided they didn't want him any longer.

Of course, no one told Hunter, but it was evident that he had gotten the message. Randi Bertholet has spent the last seven years volunteering at the humane society. She was one of the first people to interact with Hunter after his life was turned upside down. “When I came up to the kennel, I didn't even notice a dog until I peered in the corner. Bertholet told The Dodo, "I observed him frozen in panic, attempting to make himself invisible." “I sat down on the floor, turned away from him, and waited for him to come to me. After a few moments, he approached me with caution.”

Hunter finally broke down after realizing he could rely on Bertholet. Bertholet could only do so much to make Hunter feel better. He had every reason to be furious about what was happening to him. “I was extremely sad for him,” Bertholet added. “That night, while I laid in my warm bed with my pets, I grieved, thinking of him in there alone and scared.” Others became aware of Hunter's plight after he shared the video above on social media. As the news spread, adoption proposals flooded in. So, hopefully, Hunter won't be without the love, friendship, and devotion that every dog like him deserves for long. “I never expected my video to garner the reaction it did,” Bertholet remarked. “However, I'm pleased it did.”

Hunter's story, unfortunately, is not unique. Some people seem to regard their pets as disposable accessories rather than true members of their families, and shelters around the country are teeming with dogs and cats relinquished for the most petty of reasons. Bertholet hopes that her encounter with Hunter will convince those people to reconsider. “I'm hoping that this shines a genuine light on the truth of what pets go through when their owners abandon them,” she said. “Perhaps it's just out of sight, out of mind for them. But I wanted them to see it, so it was in their heads. They are all terrified, perplexed, and distraught that the family, life, and home they previously had are no longer there, and they don't know why.”