Dog Finds Baby Dolphin And Saves His Life

Her person explained the rescue in a YouTube video, saying, "I was taking shots of the magnificent countryside when I heard my dog shouting towards me from further down the beach... plainly she had found something!"

As he got closer, he saw Leia had discovered a baby dolphin (or was it a baby porpoise?) stranded on the sand. This amazing Samaritan gently brought the baby back to the sea... all while videotaping the rescue.

“I stayed at the spot for a bit after that to make sure he didn't return. When I received the signal, I called the Coast Guard and they sent the signal to the science team. “I think the small boy got lucky because there was no one nearby for miles,” the Savior said on YouTube. He voiced the newborn dolphin and took a picture of him after he left safely and swam again.

Of course, the true hero of the day was Leia, who observed another animal in distress and alerted her human. “... If it hadn't been for my dog barking at me, I would have missed him as well,” he said on YouTube. You did a great job, girl!

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