Dog Just 5 Minutes Away From Euthanasia Saved And Now Gives The Best Hugs

When he was taken away as a stray dog and taken to a death asylum, the dog named Robin was found limping. Due to a leg injury, he should be executed immediately upon arrival. He was barely minutes away from being euthanized when his rescuers screeched into the shelter's parking lot to save him!


Robin was sent to the veterinary ranch, where they found that he had no broken bones, only bruises! They also discovered what a great dog he was. Even when he was examined, he leaned in and gave a warm hug. To think he was almost executed for no cause at all!


Needless to say, such a lovely, devoted dog did not have to be rescued for long. Robin was adopted a month after his rescue, and his new mum assures him that he is being appropriately spoiled.


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  • undertaker1
    undertaker1 September 2, 2021 at 9:14 AM

    You people in the states need to sort out your views on homeless animals no sympathy to animals no love
    Would u like it to happen to u if u were sick


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