Dog Left For Dead Leaps Into The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

 Fourth quarter of the Superbowl, Patriots making a comeback, and Mike Diesel left the party with a few simple words: “I gotta go, dog hit by car."

It would be difficult to find anyone leaving Super Bowl LI early.

Last February's football game was riveting, with the New England Patriots pulling off an incredible last-second comeback. Like everyone else, Mike Diesel is also a big fan of him.

He tells iHeartDogs, "It was the fourth quarter." “And Brady had just scored his first touchdown of the comeback, and I was watching the game at a party.”

Then, he saw something on Facebook and abruptly left the gathering, saying only, "I got to go, dog hit by car."

The location of the dog's death was a 17-minute drive away.  

Diesel arrived in the 13th place. Neighbors who had heard the crash had managed to get the dog inside a crate by the time he arrived.

Diesel, the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, took over from there, gently lifting the injured dog into the car and driving him to a veterinary hospital. Even though his life was hanging by a thread, the dog, who was quickly christened Knight Rider, or KR for short, was an elegant patient. His body temperature had dropped dramatically. His leg was broken and dislocated.

KR, on the other hand, made a spectacular recovery after two surgeries. It also helped that Diesel created a unique enclosure that allowed the man to sleep near the dog for two weeks as he recovered. KR still has a long way to go, and Diesel is working to raise funds for the medications he still needs. At the same time, he takes the dog for spa treatment twice a week.

Staples and steel bolts appear to be holding KR together, as does an even more important glue: his hero's regular visits. When Diesel paid a visit to KR at his temporary foster home this week, the dog rushed into his arms despite his still-tender muscles and bones.

“It astounded me,” he admits. “He did it for the first time.” Diesel ended up missing the New England Patriots' historic Super Bowl victory. Instead, he won the heart of a dog that was dying in the snow.

Every time Diesel sees KR in his foster family, he can raise the most valuable prize on earth: an animal that is always grateful, and he will never forget the person who saved his life.

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