Dog stays by his owner’s side from the ambulance until the funeral

 "Never seen a love as true as that"

Gisele SICs, who lives in Parintins, Amazonas, shared a poignant story about her late uncle's dog, Paulo SICs. Dogs are creatures that show such straightforward behavior and set a good example. Paulo, who was adored by his family and friends, had one in particular who proved the nobility of his love at all times: his small puppy.


Like a squire, the tiny one stayed by his owner's side from the ambulance to the funeral, not moving one inch from his owner's presence. “My uncle is unfortunately gone today, but he took one certainty with him, that he was deeply loved by his trusty companion,” Gisele said in the publication.

The puppy was highly attached to his guardian, and his guardian reciprocated his affection. Every day when he was in the intensive care unit, Paul would ask about his dog. Hearing about his dog was like a balm to his weary heart after struggling for his life. Then came the depressing day!


This little fluffy kitten did not miss expressing his love and gratitude to the owner when he woke up. He licked the coffin of the one who had sheltered him so much during his life with reverence. The little guy seemed to know that this was his final farewell.

The little puppy was so painful that others had to stop him from jumping into the grave. Heartbreaking! “I've never seen such genuine love.”


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