Dog Visits The Fence Every Day To Get A Massage From His Buddy

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will quickly accept that they are intelligent animals. This includes Beaù, an 8-month-old puppy who knows how to get what she wants.

Beaù as both dogs and humans, and when she isn't relaxing with her mother, Kayleigh Burrowes, she can be seen playing and socializing with her next-door neighbor. Burrowes told The Dodo, "She's very hyper all the time and loves snuggles." “[She is] really sociable with all of the neighbors' dogs, but she has a sweet place for Rocco.”

Beaù met Rocco a few months ago, and the two hit it off. Despite their size disparity, the two canines don't let anything get in their way. Burrowes used to have a dog named Jake, who died of old age. Rocco misses his old friend very much, but is happy that Beaù comforts and encourages him!


“She met him as soon as she was permitted outside, and they clicked right away,” Burrowes added. “[Rocco] missed Jak a lot since they were so close, so Beaù made it easier.” Kayleigh had no idea how close the two dogs had grown until she noticed Rocco giving Beaù a private back rub through the fence. “I was sitting on my sofa one day when I looked out the patio door and saw Rocco massaging Beaù,” Burrowes explained. “I thought I was seeing things for a little second, but they won't go away.”


Burrowes recorded the wonderful moment on her phone and shared it on her Facebook page, where it quickly went viral. Beaù now meets Rocco at the fence on a daily basis for a massage. “The massaging might carry on for as long as Beaù wants,” Burrowes explained. “When he comes to a halt, she paws at him to do it again.” “They're best pals - big and small,” Burrowes remarked.


If you enjoy Beaù and Rocco's friendship, you may follow her on Instagram.


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