Dog Wandered Around 2 Years Looking For His Owner Despite The Fact She Passed Away

Dog Cries & Looks Around For Owner Everyday Without Knowing Her Death | Animal in Crisis

Every day, people in a village outside the city can see a white slender dog walking down the road depressed. Even if someone approaches him and the traffic is at risk, he does not respond. His eyes were filled with sadness, as if he had lost everything. According to the villagers, the dog has been walking for a long time, even though his weak legs could barely support him. Passers-by couldn't take their gaze away from the unfortunate dog, and they wondered what he was looking for.

It turns out that he is not a homeless dog; his home is nearby, and he lives with his owner and his wife. The house was deserted, with no vestige of life. Because the owners were always busy at work, they had to leave their house for the entire day, leaving the dog, Jindal, at home alone. He didn't always appear this unhappy, they say; he used to be a cheerful dog that always stayed by his grandma's (the owner's mother) side. Jindal has been dead and depressed since she died more than a year ago.

He couldn't get over the idea that he had suddenly lost his adored grandmother. Jindal sat on the ground and sobbed uncontrollably during the funeral. He went outside every day, no matter how bad the weather was. He went to all the spots where he had fond memories of his grandmother. But he was never able to discover her, only longing for her in desperation. He walked down every street where he and his old pal used to walk. He couldn't say anything, but his actions suggested that he was looking for his compassionate owner. He yearned for her.

It had been two years since he had been out on the streets, and his situation had deteriorated significantly. Because he had renal insufficiency, the vet claimed it was difficult to treat him. It was even more difficult because of his age, but they hoped that love might assist him better, step by step. A confined space in the house was not beneficial for him; it simply irritated him. So, starting on a warm afternoon, the lady owner began walking Jindol every day, just like her grandmother did. He was no longer required to stroll alone.

Hopefully, Jindol's grief will be replaced by relief, and he will be able to live quietly for the rest of his life.

Here's a link to a moving video: If you enjoyed this heartwarming story, please share it with your loved ones. Although she died, the dog lingered for about 2 years looking for his owner. The post first appeared on Paws Planet.

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