Dr. Scott Gets Choked Up On ‘This Morning’ Over The Loss Of His Dog

 "...after 14 years of life together it’s incredibly hard to say goodbye."

Dr. Scott Miller, a veterinarian, appeared on ITV's main daytime show This Morning on Friday morning. As a repeat expert, he provides advice and information that other dog owners can use. He even worked as the show's resident veterinarian for a few years. However, in this particular show, he made several people shed tears.

While the vet was giving his heatwave safety instructions, one of the anchors, Rochelle Humes, expressed her sympathies for the loss of his 14-year-old dog Betty. Miller thanked her and sobbed the image of his late dog on the screen.

“I was saying my final goodbyes to a really beloved canine... She's been with me for 14 years, and it's difficult to say goodbye to one of your dogs as a vet.” There is widespread support.

Instagram: @drscottym Dr. Miller later thanked his supporters on Instagram for their support during a difficult period. He received a flood of comments and responses from fans, people who saw his appearance on the talk program, and other dog lovers. Miller said: “I just wanted to thank everyone for their condolences on the death of my wonderful girl Betty. Many of you understand how heartbreaking it is to lose a beloved dog, and it is especially difficult to say goodbye after 14 years of living together.”

Of course, many individuals may identify with Miller's loss. Some recall seeing her on previous episodes and on the veterinarian's and expert's social media. 

“My heart hurt for you today, despite the fact that you were your normal great self, but I could see the sorrow written on your face. I'm sending you all my love.” — through Twitter, @BrysonJoanne

“Dear Dr. Scott. I was taken aback by the news of his dog's death. God bless him.” — Tweeted by @donnna w 

“She was lovely, a one-of-a-kind young lady. Thank you for making her available to the rest of us.” Instagram: @1215.snowwolf 

“Betty, run fast and play hard because you deserve it. Scott, please accept my sympathies, as well as my love and light.” -via Instagram,@jenniedward9

Betty's death is bittersweet. She is no longer with us, but she left behind a plethora of admirers and the most devoted father. Betty, rest in peace.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown June 5, 2021 at 11:38 AM

    hi scott very sorry to hear abou your loss i had a dear old girl who reached 15 years and 8 months then she got mammary cancer a massive tumour on one of her breasts but she had a long happy life and loved going to the beach with me rip dear betty


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