Dressed Up In A Tuxedo To Greet His New Family But Owners Never Showed Up, This Pup Finally Found His Home

You got suited up for the date, but you got stood up at the last minute? You may be disappointed or furious, but you may also forgive your pals. But how would it go if there is a huge event, such as adoption, that can change a person's life? You must be heartbroken. This is what happened to Vicente, a lovely 3-month-old puppy. He was dressed in an exquisite little tuxedo and was overjoyed since his owners were due to take him up for adoption. Regrettably, they all refused to come to visit Vicente. This was really upsetting for the youngster.



Diana, a Rescátamen volunteer, told Bored Panda, "We rescued Vicente, his brothers, and his mother in Zipaquirá, a village near Bogota." He's three months old. We have an adoption process with a paperwork, and the man who wanted to adopt him applied and met all of our criteria. He came to our shelter and chose Vicente from among his siblings and sisters. On the 9th, he was going to pick up Vicente for adoption and take him home. So, we did what we typically do for adoptions: we bathed him and dressed him for his adoption day (complete with the small smoking jacket, because they need to look their best on their special day), but the guy never showed up. He stood him up and then requested that the adoption be canceled.”


Vicente is my name. He suited up in his tuxedo to greet his new owners as they arrived at the shelter to take him up. Vicente is a resident of the shelter of the Rescátame Foundation. Its mission is to locate abandoned animals and assist them in finding new homes. Vicente's prospective owners never arrived, so the shelter publicized his story on social media, and it quickly went viral. People gave love and care to the puppy, and many of them wanted to take him home with them.


Unfortunately, his new owner did not show up, and the puppy remained in the shelter awaiting adoption.

The shelter, on the other hand, hoped the pup would be adopted this time: "Vicente's purported adopter never came for him." When he was about to go home, he cancelled the adoption, baadito. Then, we are questioned why we are so adamant about the process! Because we don't want to have any doubts that our pets will be in good hands for the remainder of their lives. If you wish to adopt, keep in mind that it is a long-term commitment—animals are not something you can have when you feel like having a dog.


Vicente's tale went viral after the shelter publicized it on Facebook, and many people wanted to adopt him. Vicente was able to find a home thanks to all of the love and care shown to him.

After much searching, the puppy was adopted by a wonderful family that genuinely wanted him. The shelter later issued an official statement announcing that the puppy had been adopted: “Many thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in your story—we never imagined it would go so far. We'd like to inform you that Vicente has already been adopted by a wonderful family. We still have over 40 furry pals waiting for a home at the foundation. You can contact us through our intern, who will discuss their adoption forms and conditions with you.” Vicente is at his new home. He adores living here, cuddling up and being content.

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