Forelorn Baby Elephant Cast From Herd For Illness Meets Dog Who Changes Everything

Ellie wanted to give up on life when she met Duma and learned that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Elephants are known for having huge brains and excellent memory, which makes them one of the smartest families in the animal kingdom.

Elephant mothers are known for being extremely compassionate, in addition to having high IQs. Consequently, moms of newborns are exceedingly unlikely to abandon their young in the wild unless the baby has a highly deadly ailment or the group's environmental needs cannot be addressed. Baby Ellie's chances of life were exceedingly slim when he was rejected from his herd due to a persistent disease. Ellie was rescued and taken to the Thula Rhino Orphanage in Zululand, South Africa. The shelter has taken care of a variety of creatures, including leopards, giraffes, hippos, and elephants, to name a few.

This wildlife refuge, as the name implies, mostly cares for newborn rhinoceroses in need of rehabilitation, but fortunately for Ellie, this sanctuary was able to provide him with uninterrupted care and attention. Despite the fact that he was not a rhino saved from poaching, Ellie received world-class treatment alongside his rhino contemporaries. The wildlife orphanage makes every effort to address the requirements of all creatures who come through its doors. Despite the fact that they specialize in orphaned rhinos, the sanctuary would never turn away an animal in need. Their mission is to help as many animals as possible.

When Ellie arrived at the orphanage, staff workers quickly recognized she had an umbilical hernia. Unfortunately, the vulnerable location had already gotten infected, and the infection had spread throughout his bloodstream. To make matters worse, the young elephant became allergic to milk. The orphanage tried to transport all kinds of dairy products from different countries, but it did nothing to help poor Ellie. They, however, did not give up! The crew started making a milk-like drink for the newborn elephant! Ellie gradually began to replenish his nutrients by eating well-cooked rice with additional proteins and minerals. The young elephant gradually regained some of his strength and vitality. The orphanage became Ellie's permanent home after repeated failed attempts to reunite him with his herd.

Elephants are extremely gregarious animals who flourish in groups. Without frequent contact with other elephants, Baby Ellie began to have psychological problems. Elephants are one species that would struggle to survive if they did not interact with other elephants. The sanctuary's staff was confused how to help poor Ellie with his social requirements, even though they could give medical care. Ellie made an unusual companion in the sanctuary, despite the fact that he lacked the support of an elephant herd. They are the cutest animal pair we've ever seen.

Ellie befriended Duma, a retired service dog, who was one of the orphanage's newest acquisitions. Since Duma's arrival to the shelter, the two have become fast friends. They are frequently seen playing at their favorite location, the sand pile. Aside from simply enjoying one other's company, the pair enjoys running and playing fetch together. Ellie's spirits were reignited almost instantaneously. He was upbeat once more. Although it isn't the elephant herd he was looking for, the crew believes that the new bond will be enough to keep Ellie happy. Click on the video player below to see the rest of Ellie and Duma's tale!

You'll be grinning in no time!

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