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Found In A Rundown Garage Starving Dog Starts Wagging Her Tail When Rescuers Arrive

They gave her a meaning name "strong as an eagle"

A Dog's Howl 4 dogs were rescued from a dilapidated garage yard. Arnia, one of the dogs, was in a horrible condition since she was anemic, dehydrated, and emaciated. But she didn't give up, thinking that one day she would be saved. That's exactly what happened!

They discovered that the 2-3-year-old puppy required a long recovery road, but she would have it because she was finally in wonderful care. She is now entirely healed and looks radically different. She is also overjoyed! What a difference!


View the video below and  share this to your family and friends.




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  1. Dear dog, She looks so happy now. Thank you for saving her (and the others, too!)


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