Heroic German Shepherd Is Enlisted To Find 90-Yr-Old Woman Lost In Forest Overnight

When the 90-year-old Loudell Hubbard disappeared, only one person—or we should say a dog—was qualified for the job. Saby is a K-9 police officer in the K9 department of the Birmingham Police SRT. The German Shepherd has only been working with his handler, Officer Dustin Brock, for about two years, but he has quickly become one of the team's most valuable members

One day, Sabie and Dustin were summoned into a dangerous scene. A woman with dementia disappeared in the woods near her home in Birmingham, Alabama. It was a race against the clock to find Loudell, who was too vulnerable to be out alone at night.

It wasn't long before the officers were on the track and moving closer to discovering Loudell, thanks to Saby's remarkable smell detection abilities. The poor woman had fallen into a brook and, realizing she couldn't get out, had used her pocketbook as a makeshift pillow and lay down to rest.

While Loudell was drenched and bruised, the situation could have been far worse. It was fortunate that she was discovered at all—without Saby, the team might never have identified the vulnerable woman. Officers were at first unsure if Loudell was alive because she was lying face down in the water. So when she lifted her head in answer to their calls, it was a relief. Locals, according to neighbor Frederick Jones, remained hopeful that the old woman would be discovered. The prospect of her not returning home again was almost unbearable.


“At the time, everyone was still optimistic,” he explained. “They had hope and were optimistic.” Everyone was overjoyed when they learned that Loudell had been found. “It was pure joy,” Frederick said. “Everyone was ecstatic and thanking God. It really brought tears to your eyes to know she was okay.” Nothing is more terrifying than a dementia patient going missing. Many people with advanced Alzheimer's disease are unable to care for themselves.


If they stay away from the care of their loved ones for a long time, they may forget critical life-saving capabilities, such as when to eat and drink and how to cross the road safely. We wish Loudell a fast recovery from her injuries! Check out the news report about her disappearance below