Homeless Dog Who Had Her Leg Seriously Broken Was Now In Safe Hands

 Having three legs did not slow her down.

Eldad from Hope, Four Paws received a report about a stray Pitbull puppy that was hobbling on the motorway ramp. He didn't think twice before going to the spot to save the puppy. When he arrived, he started looking for the puppy and found her under a large flowering bush. As he drew closer to the dog, he saw she wasn't a puppy at all, but rather a fearful and angry dog.

She shouted angrily at him, threatening that if he approached her, he would get in trouble. Eldad tried to calm her down, but she was too scared and afraid to listen. The rescuer sought to entice her out of the den by offering her snacks. He chose to use his delicate trap because it was dangerous to approach her. It took some effort to wrap the snare around her neck, but he eventually got her. Knowing the dog was hungry, the rescuer took advantage of the situation by luring her out with his food. The rescuer didn't realize the dog's leg was so seriously injured until she walked out of the den. She took one step at a time, her foot trailing behind her because it was badly fractured.


He was still afraid of touching her, so he continued to gain her trust by making her some water. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile since the dog chewed his snare and returned to the den. The rescue had to be restarted since Eldad had run out of food. He concluded that in order for this rescue attempt to be successful, he needed to be more firm. After all, Eldad could get the dog to step out again, but it was still a risky scenario because he was alone, so he summoned a coworker to assist him. They were eventually successful in capturing the dog. They named the puppy Yara and rushed her to the hospital right away. She was in a lot of discomfort. Unfortunately, her leg was entirely crushed, and doctors had to amputate it.


Yara, on the other hand, was incredibly brave as she attempted to overcome her awful circumstance. She relearned how to trust others and began to offer her heart to those around her. She was returned to her foster home after she had recovered. She was so thrilled in her new surroundings that having three legs didn't slow her down. Watch the incredible rescue video here: Ara was still in need of a loving home. Please contact The Little Red Dog if you want to adopt her. Please share this tale with your loved ones to assist Yara in finding her way home as soon as possible.