Homeless veteran reunites with his beloved support dog after he was missing for a week

 “He’s my boy. All I got is him. He sleeps with me. I lost him. Somebody took him”

For other people, their pets are the only thing that keeps them going in this world; there are numerous homeless people out there who are willing to go to any length for their cherished dogs because they are the only ones they have beside them to keep them company. After his dog disappeared, a homeless veteran experienced the most severe suffering, but he was able to reunite with his furry pet and had a pleasant and reassuring reunion. Vietnam War veteran Michael Hatfield (Michael Hatfield) lives on the streets of Kettleman, California, where residents have repeatedly seen him and his trusted emotional support dog Rerun in his normal location next to the gas station.

KMPH quoted Kings County Sheriff's Deputy John Daulton as saying, "Anyone that drives through Kettleman City has seen this man." “He's the man who's constantly on the street with this sign, and Rerun is always right next to him.” The father said that he is separated from his family and that this small puppy is the only one who supports him, but when Rerun went missing recently, the old guy was sad.
“He's my kid. All I have is him. He has been sleeping with me. I had him. “Someone kidnapped him,” Hatfield explained.

“I haven't been able to sleep or eat, and I'm completely disoriented. Nobody else's life is my life.” After he was unable to locate his friend, he requested assistance from local police. Deputy Dalton agreed to assist him and publicized his story on social media, causing locals to become engaged in the search for the missing dog. The post was shared widely, but the puppy was still missing several days later, but on Sunday, the mystery was solved and a happy ending occurred. The dog was not stolen; rather, a family assumed he had been abandoned and took him in, according to the Kings County Sheriff's Office.

He was secure, had a bath, and everything, but when the family read the post, they gladly returned the dog to his adoring owner. Hatfield was overjoyed to have his beloved puppy back, and when they met again, he instantly took the dog into his arms and hugged him. We wish them a happy and healthy life, because this story makes us so happy.

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