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Lost Dog Goes To His Vet’s Office To Ask For Help Getting Back Home


This small black puppy in Thailand got into a terrible situation the other day. He'd gotten separated from his master and was now lost and alone in the huge, wide world. Rather of waiting to be found, this astute pup sought assistance himself.

It's unclear how long the dog had been absent or how far his desperate wanderings had taken him. What is evident is that he was unable to find his way home on his own. He did, however, discover the next best thing – and the key to his rescue.

The dog found his doctor's clinic, the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic, where he'd been inoculated months before.

Surveillance video showed the dog arriving at the vet facility and calmly waiting out front until he was seen by personnel inside:

Sure enough, the pup had chosen the ideal location to receive the assistance he required.

Fortunately, the clinic's employees instantly identified the dog as one of their patients and called his frightened owner to inform her that he'd been found.

And with that, the horrific adventure of the lost puppy was done – all thanks to his own ingenuity.

“The owner is pleased,” the clinic stated. “The dog is content.”