Lunita, a Disabled Dog with a Wheelchair Was Abandoned in the Middle of the Street. This is Her Story.

Some stories touch our hearts, and this is one of them, a narrative that will fill our eyes with tears of pain and delight as we see how Lunita's request, a lovely crippled dog with white fur who was abandoned a few years ago in Argentina, was granted. Lunita was chained to the fence of a hair salon on Zabala street in the Salta neighborhood in the early morning of May 12, 2014.

Lunita was face down on the pavement. She was sitting in a rickety wheelchair, with a pack of diapers and a note confirming her name and age; the person who had left her there also noted that it was not her owner and that she could not keep it. The store clerk who witnessed her misery immediately alerted the rescue organization “Lu.B.A Salta,” and two of their volunteers came hunting for Lunita.

When the rescuers arrived, they were moved by what they found: a lame dog with no food or water, a diaper soaked in water, and a pleading look. She appeared frail and afraid, and neighbors claim she was so taken aback by the noises and odd people that she almost forced herself to walk in her haste to flee.


Fortunately, a well-wisher was present and rescued her and moved her to a shelter. Lunita had managed to fly after hearing that an American family was eager to adopt her. Her adoptive family, on the other hand, was uninformed about caring for a crippled dog, causing Lunita to get a dangerous urinary tract infection.

As a result of mite infestation, she was diagnosed with a serious staphylococcal infection (Mange). She lost all of her hair from the waist down, including her tail, due to infection, scabies, and scorched wounds from her urine. She has experienced a lot because she weighs less than 15 kg.


Lunita was adopted by a loving new family in another state after much effort, continual vet appointments, and a lot of medicine. Thanks to her determination in life and the care she received, she recovered and reached a healthy weight of 25 kg.


However, due to her condition, she needs to be treated, and the monthly cost of treatment is very high. She never had nothing, because she raised a reserve fund to pay for the necessities of life. Lunita would not have gotten this far without the kindness of those who donated, and the involvement of sponsors who wanted to assist alter Lunita's life right away.

The family who adopted her was idealistic. Since then, she has tasted true happiness and lived in the surrounding of love. On June 15, 2018, she celebrated her eleventh birthday in grand style. Only no one could have predicted what was about to unfold. People from all around the world who had fallen in love with her narrative wanted to congratulate her that day, and messages and greetings flooded Lunita's Wish Facebook page.

Lunita's life journey has been difficult, yet despite her impairment, she has overcome every challenge that looked insurmountable. Lunita was never defeated. Lunita has no shortage of enjoyable outdoor hikes. Soon after the age of 11, her physical condition began to deteriorate and she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for treatment.

The owner expressed her condolences, saying that Lunita was no longer with her. She died on July 8th. She said on Facebook that they were heartbroken and that she couldn't stop weeping. She took this opportunity to express her gratitude to all those who prayed and donated to Luneta.

She and her family can have and be everything every dog has always deserved. She spent her last years surrounded by a lot of love. Adopting a disabled cat or dog will fill your heart with gratitude and love. This great dog's memories will live on in our hearts forever. Lunita, rest in peace,

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