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Man cries when finding skeletal dog abandoned

When we see an animal in bodily distress, our hearts shatters into a thousand pieces.

Not to mention the feelings of a rescuer, whose fundamental attribute is increased sensitivity to animals in danger, as well as never giving up, being patient, and always safeguarding the well-being of pets.

This is the story of Taki, a Greek man who has become well-known for not abandoning animals on the street if he can save them.

Taki recently came upon a dog whimpering under the tires of a car while on a frequent visit to sites where he knows there are dogs in terribly unsanitary and dismal situations, selected out by the individuals who dispose of them.

“I am continually visiting regions where individuals have opted to abandon their dogs when they no longer want them. This time, it was beneath the tires of a large gondola,” complained the volunteer. He had no idea how he would track down the animal.

When he heard the dog's sorrowful wails, he approached the massive wheel and saw the dog's face emerge through a gap.

The canine was nervous and afraid to leave from the start. When they seized her, she shook, as if her small heart was about to burst out of her chest.He displayed suspicion at all times, as is inevitable in such situations.

Taki, on the other hand, managed to draw the terrified hairy girl and save her with patience, persistence, attention to his work, a little food, and, yes, quadruple the compassion and sympathy for those who suffer the most.


Despite his extensive expertise in rescuing creatures in tough situations, the man couldn't help but cry when he saw how skinny she was. He bemoaned then, as he does now, that there are still individuals who abandon animals as if they were useless junk.

However, as we have seen, there are always some who are opposed to this type of activity and will devote their life if necessary to rescue and activate for the benefit of animal welfare. Not everything is as horrible as it seems; there are people that see dogs for what they truly are: sentient animals.

“You could tell he hadn't been out of there in a while. He was presumably left there, and because he was used to living in a house, it was difficult for him to mingle with other dogs,” Taki added.

Fortunately, the savior did not give up until he was able to pick up the dog, which was only skin and bones. They decided to call her Luna from then on. And, like the new moon, she was reborn into a new existence free of agony.

He learned trust in humans and other dogs. It may be stated that he began on the path to happiness, leaving humiliation, despair, and loneliness behind.

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The truth is that, happily, little Moon has already gained a significant amount of weight and appears to be in good health. Above all, happiness, a byproduct of affection and love, which are her primary sources of nourishment.

Luna, as a result, wishes to find a new home where she will be adored for the rest of her life.