Man Does Wonderful Thing So His Blind, 3-Legged Dog Can Have Fun With Him Outdoors

 People looked at him strangely, but what this man did for his dog with disabilities is so sweet.

This poignant story about a dog's person and the lengths he went to ensure his incapacitated canine enjoyed life outside comes from the archives.

Josh Josh likes to spend time with his blind man and the three-legged rescue dog Keller. While enjoying his hobby of welding, Josh came up with an idea that is not only fun, but also allows his dog Keller to spend time outdoors with him. Josh's designs have elicited some unexpected reactions in town, but that doesn't bother him.

“People stare at me strangely, but I don't care,” Josh adds. Keller adores it! Keller is an Akita/Chow mix, or "Chiquita," as Josh calls him. She was born with both blindness and dwarfism. Josh explains, "Everything didn't line up just correctly, and her retinas never bonded." He named her Helen Keller, who is credited with bringing the Akita breed to the United States.

Keller's previous owners planned to euthanize her. “She ran away and was picked up by the shelter where I volunteer,” Josh explained. For me, it was love at first sniff!”

“I started welding as a pastime and came up with this for my kayak (I live quite near to the Niagara River),” Josh and Keller explain. “I quickly figured up a simple way for my girl Keller to get out and have some fun!”

“She is a thrill seeker! This is her having a good time in Allegany State Park.” “I decided to work with the concept... And then I started welding again.” “She already appears to like it!”

“Here's a parody of our maiden cruise. A friend of mine created this with MS Paint. Yeah, he's quite cool.” “Love and kisses to everyone.” “I adore my perfectly normal dog!”