Man Returns & Searches For His Puppy 2 Days After His Home Collapsed In Tornado

 The man risked his life as he dived into the wreckage looking for his puppy. He was devastated and quickly losing hope, but then he heard a faint cry.

When Michael Delgado's house fell during a tornado that passed through Rowlett, Texas, he and his family were caught off guard.
Michael's brother and grandmother were dragged from the rubble, and the family was moved to an emergency shelter.

Michael, on the other hand, was concerned about the well-being of his Miniature Pinscher puppy, Lucy. After the tornado passed, Michael was able to go out to find Lucy two days later. Some rescuers accompanied him and helped with the search, but Lucy was nowhere to be seen. The rescuers were concerned that the small puppy would perish in the tornado, but Michael refused to let up.

Onlookers were scared as they witnessed Michael risking his life by diving through the dangerous debris in search of Lucy. Immediately afterwards, he heard a faint whimper from among the piles of rubble. He dove into the ruins with his entire body, trying to find the source of the whimpers.

The dramatic moment when Michael finally sees Lucy and rescues her out of the rubble is captured in this video. After two days of surviving beneath the suffocating debris, the puppy desperately clutches her father and praises him for coming back for her. Michael, too, bursts into tears and offers Lucy the largest hug! Michael will always be Lucy's one genuine hero!

Watch Michael's agonizing efforts as he valiantly rescues Lucy from the rubble in the video below! Please 'SHARE' this story with friends or family members.

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