Military family’s dogs hit by train in need of community help

Dustin Brewer, a member of the United States Air Force, was recently welcomed home from his recent overseas tour by a military family. Dustin was missed not only by his wife and children, but also by his two Labrador retrievers, Zoey and Bella, who were always there to meet him and bring comfort to the entire family during his numerous journeys away from home.

Dustin will be away from his family for a year this winter as a part of a foreign deployment. Just a few days ago, the Kansas family experienced things that dog owners could not imagine: Zoey and Bella left their yard and were gravely injured in a train collision. Neighbors were quick to act and rushed the dogs to a nearby veterinary hospital, where the canines' life-threatening injuries were treated.

“Zoey is still in serious condition in ICU, but she is more aware and even stood up today!! Her skull fracture appears to be on the mend as well. Dr. Horsey and the El Paso team have been fantastic! The doctor called a soft tissue specialist to review her front limb and see whether any of it could be saved or whether it needed to be amputated (almost half of her leg was severed in the accident, They are confident she will make a full recovery and live a happy life.”).

The dogs' therapies are continuing, and Zoey and Bella are receiving the best care possible thanks to the kindness of many people. “Bella had tail surgery yesterday to fix the gap in her tail. We were allowed to send her to Kansas State for her femur repair today because she was strong enough. The doctors at K-State loved Bella and said she should be back to her normal self in a few days.” DONATE NOW: and follow updates Please share this with others, and know that any amount you can provide will be greatly appreciated by the Brewer family. By phoning 316-788-1000, you can also contact the @ElPaso animal hospital and give straight to their account.

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