Miracle Dog Found In Plastic Bag With Broken Legs And Bullet Wounds

 Sadie kept going strong.

Sadie, a German Shepherd mix, has one of the Dogwood Animal Rescue's strongest wills to live. She was shot and dumped in a rubbish bag, her legs broken. Most dogs would have given up at that point, but Sadie persisted. When some kind humans came to her aid, Sadie wagged her tail and showered them with affection.

Sadie is now at the vet, receiving much-needed medical attention. She is a cheerful doggie during the entire journey. Nothing is going to break this dog's spirit! A Happy Puppy with a Difficult Past At a Tulare County orchard in California, a field worker saw something peculiar. When he noticed a trash bag moving in the field, he went to investigate. He soon noticed there was a dog inside, and as soon as she was freed, the pup crawled for the shade. Her back legs appeared to be fractured, and she had at least two bullet wounds.

Robin Reed Galvan, who lives nearby and is keen on rescue dogs, came to help. The rescuers provided food and water, and then contacted Tulare County Animal Services to arrange for the dog's pick-up. Dogwood Animal Rescue in Santa Rosa then offered to take her in.

“We've treated other people with gunshot wounds. We've taken in dogs with broken legs and those who have been hit by cars,” said Shirley Zindler, Director and Founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue. “Certainly, if she has the opportunity, we want to offer it to her.”

The rescue has since called her Sadie, and they have been updating their Facebook page with regular updates on her progress. The Road to Recovery for SaSadie had three broken legs as a result of gunshot wounds to the shoulder and leg, according to the vet. As a result, she is currently undergoing surgery for those. Vets will most likely only be able to do one leg every session in order to keep her under anesthesia for as short a time as possible. Her recuperation would take 10 to 12 weeks as well.

“It made my heart skip a beat. Just glimmers of hope. That was fantastic. It didn't matter to her because she was in good spirits once she realized we were there to help her,” Galvan said. According to Galvan, this anecdote serves as an excellent lesson to always be mindful of your surroundings. Sadie would not have lived if no one had noticed the rolling trash bag. So, keep an eye out for creatures in need and you may be able to rescue a life.

If you want to provide funding, please consider donating to Dogwood Animal Rescue Sadie's medical care as well as the care of other rescue animals. Every donation can have a significant impact on the life of a dog in need.

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