Nobody would adopt him; he finally gets to eat his first warm meal and his reaction breaks our hearts

Rudy was one of the million puppies abandoned at dog shelters each year. Rudy, on the other hand, had been through a series of traumatic incidents that have rendered him unsuitable for human adoption. Her ordeals included a beating, a shattered hip, scabies, an ear and eye infection, and an ear and eye infection. She was in such a poor state, with few chances of survival, that she was set to be purged.

However, the dog was miraculously spared by Houston Street Dogs just a few hours before his planned execution. It was the best thing in the world at the time to see him being freed from death row and twitch his tail as he got to have his first meal. This, however, did not mean that Rudy's adventure was done. He went through many procedures, injections, and drugs for months in an attempt to cure his many bodily difficulties.

Rudy was turned from a sickly puppy to a full-fur, big-smiled dog eager for adventures thanks to love, care, and medical therapy. However, a major issue persisted. Rudy needs a hip replacement in order to live a normal life. He couldn't move or sprint like he used to because of his damaged hip.

Houston Street Dog launched a You Caring campaign in an attempt to raise the funds required to perform Rudy's surgery. The good news is that they have already met their initial fundraising objective. We sincerely hope that the surgery is successful and that Rudy will be able to return to work soon. That dog certainly deserves it.

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