Owner banned from keeping pets after collie with tumor found abandoned in filthy house

 The owner of a 16-year-old collie who abandoned her dog with a massive, bleeding tumor on the side of his face in a garbage and feces filled home has been banned from keeping any pets for the next ten years.

Christine Daley, who lived on Selby Street in Wallasey, pleaded guilty on Thursday at Wirral Magistrate's Court to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog by failing to investigate and treat a lump on his face and failing to meet the needs of a dog by failing to provide a suitable environment between October 1 and October 25, 2016.

According to the Metro, the fire brigade pushed their way into the abandoned house after getting reports of unpleasant odors. There, the staff found the shepherd dog, lying on a sofa in a room with a strong ammonia smell. Every room was filled with rubbish, rotten food, feces and rubbish. The rubbish pile was at least It is two feet high. Inspector Anthony Joynes of the RSPCA characterized the incident as follows:

“The fire department smelled something strong and foul through the letterbox and were concerned that there was a dead body in the house, so they obtained the entrance with the help of the police. That's when they discovered Timmy and contacted us. The house was filthy, with feces in every room. It was difficult not to step on poo because the carpet was so filthy. Inspector Joynes claimed, "It was one of the worst places I've ever been in." “Timmy was basically using the house as a kennel and a toilet.”

According to the report, there were flies all over the place, and Timmy could have perished if he hadn't been saved when he was. The dog was immediately taken to a veterinarian and the tumor on his face was removed; even so, the dog's recuperation was long and painful. The good news is that Timmy has made a fantastic recovery, has been adopted, and is living the comfortable and leisurely life that all elderly dogs deserve.

Daley, 60, was sentenced to an eight-week prison term suspended for six months and told to pay a $500 fine, in addition to a ten-year ban on possessing any animal.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown August 12, 2021 at 6:16 AM

    People who do this are sick and twisted and by no means normal


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