People Wanted To Adopt Male Pit Bull, But He Refused To Leave His Lover


Kathryn Birster and her husband were distraught when their nine-year-old dog died. The Birsters adored their dog above all else, and his death devastated them. Consequently, they had no intention of adopting another dog anytime soon. But fate had different plans for them. Kathryn Birster noticed a message from the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia on her Facebook wall one day. ACCT Philly said in the post that they were looking for a home for two bonded pit bulls.


While many people wanted to adopt the male pitbull, there was little interest in the female canine. Birster became more and more worried as he read the replies on the Facebook page. It was obvious that unless something was done quickly, these two dogs would be separated. “I was watching everything on Facebook and my heart was bleeding all over again that these two who clearly needed to be together would be separated,” Kathryn told The Dodo. “I forwarded the photo to my husband, and we discussed it for a few days.”


After much deliberation, Birsters decided to visit the Bulldogs. On March 14, 2014, they went to ACCT Philly for the first time and met the two dogs.


The Blisters had an instant connection with the dogs. “We realized we couldn't leave them behind after spending some time with them, and we (tearfully) completed the adoption procedure, bringing them home that night,” Kathryn explained.


The Birsters named their pitbulls Gus and Nina, and the pit bulls instantaneously settled in. The puppies are very happy to be with the Birsters. They were also thankful for each other. “I see now that Gus would have been a complete wreck if Nina hadn't been there. “She is his solace and anchor,” Kathryn explained. “If he had been adopted or fostered without her, he would have spent his entire life looking for her. Nina is more self-sufficient, but she would have lost her playmate.”


The Birsters can't picture living without Nina and Gus three years after adopting them. On their Instagram feed, Kathryn frequently posts images of Gus and Nina's escapades. Outside, dogs like to run around and play.

They also enjoy taking naps together!