Pit Bull ‘Mama’ rescued after spending 15 months abandoned in an orchard

After posting many posts about an abandoned dog in rural California, someone finally decided to take action. In April of this year, the dog appeared on social media for the first time. She was sleeping under solar panels and wandering by the road in search of food.


Despite being fed by passers-by, Mama, the Pit Bull was subjected to the elements, disease, and traffic on a daily basis. Many dangers and unknowns await this dog roaming in the orchard. But Danny Spanks of Safefurr Place Rescue was not about to let it happen.


All previous rescue attempts have failed because my mother is no longer used to being with people. She had been betrayed and abandoned, and her trust needed to be rebuilt gradually. Danny started visiting her every day after getting to know her in December 2019. Four months after these trips, my mother began to look forward to seeing Danny. Every day, she waited in the same area at the same time, awaiting her new buddy.


Not surprisingly, Mom started to follow Danny around looking for food. The hot dogs were the catalyst for their friendship. The Pit Bull would jump about and try to play with her savior, but she wouldn't let him pet her.


Danny taught Mama's story three months into his frequent visits. After giving birth to a litter of puppies, she was abandoned at a gas station. That happened in January of 2019. It was evident from the start that saving this wandering orchard dog would take time and care. Mama was gradually desensitized to a trap by the rescuers. Mama's time as a stray came to an end in March 2020. Saving Strays, K9 Search and Rescue cooperated with Safefurr Place Rescue to offer the abandoned gentle giant a fresh lease on life.


It's no surprise that Mama's attitude to a new surroundings wasn't all love and happiness after everything she's been through. She was used to being free, and the orchard had been her home for 15 months. She wasn't used to the leash, other people, or dogs when she arrived at Spanky's place, so she had to be kept in a kennel. She still doesn't like being on a leash and isn't delighted with the small area, but she enjoys spending time with Dan's other dogs. She also has no qualms about stealing cookies from Danny's hand.


Mama is on her way to becoming a happy dog, despite the fact that things aren't perfect yet. She is receiving the attention and love she needs, and everyone is working together to achieve a common goal. The ultimate goal is for her to be able to run freely with other dogs and interact with humans.


Once she is more trustworthy and no longer has the risk of running away, a happy family life will become her new reality. So, what became of Mama's puppies?

They are likely to be stored and then sold. We hope that they will have better luck and eventually enter a home full of love. The former orchard Pittie will need reconditioning, as well as lots of love and attention, until she is ready to trust us again.

Danny will continue to work with her for as long as it takes.