Pit Bull Puppy Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime When His Rescuer Returns To Adopt Him

When Joey Wagner discovered the bulldog Mojo, he was only 3 months old and was in poor health due to demodicosis. He only had a few hours to live. Wagner rescued him and saved his life when he seemed to have lost all hope.

Despite Wagner's efforts, Mojo's status was grave, and he needed to be taken to an animal hospital for specialist care. Mojo recovered with a little time, a lot of love, and a lot of care and was eventually able to be placed for adoption. However, his health required close monitoring, making it difficult for anyone to take the dog home and then back again. Wagner stepped in to save the day! When he returned for Mojo, the puppy was first shy until he recognized Wagner, at which point he leapt into his arms, lavishing him with adoring licks. The cuteness is almost too much for our hearts to bear.

Mojo has been living a healthy life for the past two years, despite the fact that he was unable to reclaim his complete fur. He now lives with Wagner and other puppies, where he can play all day and experience the life that every dog deserves.

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