Police Rescue Adorable Puppy That Was Buried Alive

I adore animals more than most people. That's just my honest opinion. Many people are offended when I express this viewpoint, but that is simply the reality. In practically every meeting, animals are helpless against humans. Humans have superior cognitive thinking abilities, allowing them to make reasoned decisions. Animals rely purely on instinct and either fight or flight. So when I hear of animal cruelty, it really gets my blood boiling. Some stories are so horrible that they are difficult to believe. While reading this story, I almost burst into tears.

The cries of a dog could be heard somewhere near Williston, Florida, but police couldn't pinpoint where they were coming from. They eventually tracked the sound down to this mound of dirt.

They found this cute puppy in the pile of mud. He was buried half a foot deep in the ground. They hurriedly sent the puppy to the veterinarian, and the veterinarian found that it was only 7 days old! Everyone was shocked that someone could have done such a thing to an innocent and helpless animal.

Tucker was the name they chose for the puppy. Fortunately, he quickly accepted bottle feeding, and despite the nightmare situation, his overall health seemed to be pretty good.

Tucker aroused the interest of one of the veterinary technicians, and they chose to adopt him. Thanks to these excellent people, he will now enjoy a happy and loving life.

It breaks my heart to think that someone could do this to such a sweet little puppy, or any animal for that matter. This person should not be punished by us. I sincerely hope that he is satisfied with his new family and that they cherish him like all people treat their pets. Tonight, go home and cuddle your furry family, and remember that you are their entire world.

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