Puppy Burned In House Fire, Family Abandoned Him At Vet Due To His Look

 He was caught in house fire, then rescued by firefighters, and his family abandoned him .... but now he can't stop wagging his tail

The house dog Jack was rescued by firefighters after being swallowed by a house fire. His family took him to the veterinarian, but he was also abandoned there! They no longer have a disfigured, burnt dog.

The poor puppy, who was terrified and befuddled, was only a few weeks old when he was abandoned. Fortunately, after a few weeks of rehabilitation, he fully recovered, but the scars still exist.

Jack was later adopted by the firefighter who saved his life. Jake was now a full-fledged member of the fire department. Jack continues to improve in his training to become a therapy dog. What a satisfying conclusion!

View the video below. 

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