Puppy Thrown Out At Garbage Dump Has Best Life Now

 Samu was tossed like a piece of trash...but watch what happens next.

Thanks to a rescuer's daily routine, a gorgeous dog found thrown at a landfill has a long, happy life ahead of him.

Takis Proestakis, an animal rescuer, finds dogs virtually every day at the local garbage. In fact, Takis Shelter was founded as a result of his rescue of an abandoned dog in a garbage dump.

Unwanted dogs are frequently dumped as rubbish at the garbage dump on the Greek island of Crete. On the way from the landfill to the Takis shelter, Takis inevitably took another dog home. That's exactly what happened on this particular day, when Takis spotted Samu.


Samu almost blended in, his white fur matching the color of the mattress he was hiding under. “Here we are again,” Takis says as he lets his dog Zoe out of his car in the rescue footage (see below). Takis thinks that Zoe will assist him in luring the puppy to him, and he is successful.

Takis can't help but adore the dog once he's safely in his car. “Look at this gorgeous face,” he continues, noticing that the puppy is still wearing a blue collar. Takis sends Samu back to his refuge, which is located on the mountainside in the olive grove. The shelter is home to 300 dogs at any given moment.

Samu was at first shy, but the puppy soon relaxed in the presence of the other animals and began to play with the other dogs at the shelter. SamuSamu quickly caught the attention of a foreign tourist who raised a dog for Takis at her home in Finland. Samu arrives in Finland shortly after and befriends two other canines rescued from Takis Shelter. He's on his way to having the best life ever! Wait till the end of the video to discover Samu's wonderful update!

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      Unknown January 13, 2022 at 9:34 AM

      My word there are some horrible people in Crete for what they did to this little Puppy bless it i hope the Puppy finds a good home away from Crete ?


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