Rescuers discover 10 German Shepherds and counting dumped across New Jersey

They believe there are still at least several more out there.

Unfortunately, there is always that ever-present minority that isn't as sympathetic. Some people treat dogs as if they are toys to be discarded when they become tired of them. As we'll see shortly, some people regard pets as numbers on a spreadsheet. A similar scene occurred in Northern New Jersey. At least ten German Shepherds were discovered abandoned throughout the state's northern region. Following an inquiry, animal rescuers and officials believe that two or three additional dogs are still out there.

But why is this so? Who would be so callous and heartless as to throw all these pets away like this? Dogs are intelligent animals, in case you forgot. Intelligent enough to comprehend loss, neglect, and every other heinous act. They, like you and me, can suffer from mental health issues, and I can't imagine being abandoned would make me happy. Shelby, one of the abandoned Shepherds, is now six years old. After neighbors reported seeing a dog without its owner, rescuers tracked her down.

As several other abandoned German shepherds were found in the same condition, the number of lost shepherds like Shelby increased to 10. It was evident that this was not an ordinary missing dog scene.

More information was provided by Nicole Asher of Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery to media agencies such as CBS. “She was quite wary. She obviously wanted to be arrested. But, you know, she was just really scared.” - Asher said during a CBS interview. It wasn't until Asher made contact with other members of the rescue community that the clues began to fall into place. All of these dogs were found abandoned in separate locations of New Jersey, and they were all German Shepherds with identical coats and features. To me, this does not appear to be a coincidence.

It doesn't take Ace Attorney to piece together the clues. All of these canines had to have been abandoned by the same person. The person in question is likely to try to hide their footprints by leaving them in a different place. They didn't account for an animal rescue center's intuition or the power of social media. Working with animals in the city as a job develops instincts that other people lack.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge also assisted with the missing dogs. Megan Brinster, who works in the shelter, has doubts about what happened before they were abandoned.

“The best we can determine is that they were bred by someone. We'd say it's a backyard breeder, or someone who clearly isn't doing it responsibly.” However, now that all of the dogs have been recovered, they can focus their efforts on locating the person responsible.

There is justice in the world, and no one will get away with abandoning a group of cute German shepherds. Even though circumstances appeared to be bleak for these Shepherds, people's collective concern and kindness spared their lives.

Watch the video below for additional information on the story! 

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