Royals Fans Bust Puppy Out Of Hot Car At Kauffman Stadium

 The home team won that day, but Josh Lee and his family are the true heroes of this story.

There are so many things wrong with this picture: a puppy was left in a car on a hot day while his owners (probably) watched an entire baseball game. Fortunately, fate had other arrangements for the puppy that day, and he did not die from heatstroke.


According to the "Kansas City Star" report, Royals supporter Josh Lee, his wife Irene, son Hudson and brother Michael Warner left the game early in the eighth inning. As they walked through the parking lot, they heard a faint cry. They located the vehicle and discovered a stressed-out dog, about 16 weeks old, sobbing inside. Fortunately, the window was cracked enough to allow helpful bystanders to reach into the hole and push the window far enough to open the door from the inside.

“As we were leaving the game, we heard a dog confined in a car. We rescued the puppy and... gave him over to Royals employees, who will keep him and deal with his owners if they come forward. If not, my brother will keep him,” Lee wrote on Twitter. “People are stupid... We forced one of the windows down to open the door because it was cracked.” The rescuers then summoned the police, who cooperated with Royals personnel to care for the dog for the duration of the game, which lasted another 5 innings.

“They observed/aided in getting inside the car. We had water waiting for him. They escorted him to the guest service office and left a note for the owner. If the owner does not claim him, my brother will keep him, according to The Kansas City Star. Without Lee and his family, this little guy may have been stuck in that automobile for an entire 13 innings–and most likely would not have survived. According to the news report, an hour after the game ended, no one had claimed the puppy.

According to the post, Royals director of guest services, Anthony Mozzicato said that they rescue dogs caught in cars roughly once a month. “I'm not sure why people do it,” he remarked. It puts us in a very uncomfortable position.” This puppy was fostered while he was a stray, but his neglectful owner never came forward to claim him. Josh Lee had pondered adopting him but was unable to do so due to breed-specific restrictions in his area. Fortunately, his brother was delighted to welcome the dog into his home! The home team triumphed that day, but the true heroes of this story are Josh Lee and his family. While leaving the game, @_whitehulk_ Abe @Notre_Erin heard a puppy locked in the car. We rescued said pup and ... Contd — Tual Mahomies (@Notre_Josh) June 19, 2016

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