Runner Rescues Puppy During Marathon Then Carries Her 19 Miles To The Finish Line

 She took home something better than a medal!

She got something more valuable than a medal! Marathon runners have to train for months or even years to prepare their bodies and brains for the 26.2-mile journey. Bangkok's Khemjira Klongsanun is no exception. But when she met a puppy on the side of the road about 7 miles away, she gave up everything in order to save her. Klongsanun went on to complete the marathon, sprinting 19 miles while holding the puppy in her arms!

The puppy happily bobbed along with her savior, delighted to be a part of the celebration! Klongsanun took her home to reunite with her family! She named the dog Nong Chom after the area of Thailand where she was found. After going to the vet, Klongsanun sent Nong Chom back to the place where she was found, looking for her mother and siblings.

“Unfortunately, no further dogs were discovered.” It appears that the tiny lady was indeed on her own that day. Klongsanun did not win the marathon, but her courageous acts ensure that she will always be first in Nong Chom's heart! You are a hero on Earth, and you earned your wings, but it was an incredible thing you did. God bless you always, and thank you for saving those precious ones. Check out the fantastic video below.

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  • Anonymous December 8, 2022 at 10:25 PM

    There seem to be many stories on this page but I just want to say how much I admire that marathon runner carrying that puppy all that way, and I hope the pup has been welcomed into a warm caring human family and be happy with them for the rest of his/her life. May the relationship and warmth bless them forever thank you so for doing this to make a diggers life wonderful.


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