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Scared and traumatized dog refuses to let go of his blanket since he was rescued

 Love and patience

Many people assume that certain dog breeds are naturally violent. Unfortunately, few people know that any pet's aggressiveness can be traced back to earlier treatment. This is prevalent with Pitbulls, a breed often utilized in the "industry" of dog fighting.

Bubby is a dog who, sadly, ended up in the wrong hands. He has witnessed these clashes between dogs of his own kind.


Because of the trauma, he can't stop cuddling in the blanket.


Bubby was used as bait in dog fights before he got into the proper hands. After being rescued from the world of combat, the sad animal was scheduled for euthanasia at the shelter where he ended up.


Following his traumatic experience at the shelter, several people adopted him but did not provide him with the life he deserved.


All of this added to his sense of unease.

Katharine, her new mother, recently shared her story of triumph.


“When I got my canine panda six weeks ago, he was thin, fearful, stinky, and mentally exhausted from his adventure.


‘He was a bait dog on fighting wheels. So they stole him out of a slaughterhouse hours before he was to be slaughtered, only to be'rescued' by individuals who kept him in a garage and left him to decay for two months,” Katharine explained.


The young woman was aware of Bubby's difficult past and was eager to assist him, though she admits that seeing him in that state broke her heart. In terrified of being near a stranger, the pit bull would hunch over and frequently urinate.


This youngster had been through a lot and didn't want to be injured again, but Katharina's love saved him. Bubby is discovering what it feels like to be truly joyful.

The girl was able to transform the furry one's attitude with a lot of love and care.


“I can hardly recognize him in the images from his early days with me; he has transformed into a completely different dog, both physically and emotionally. Discovering that he enjoys people, other dogs, and being outside has been a really pleasant experience in my life. “I adore my Bubby more than words can express,” he continued.


This little buddy has adjusted to his new life and looks forward to his daily walks with his human mommy. All of Buddy's ailments have been left behind, but there is one item he refuses to leave with: a blanket he has had since the day he was adopted. The cloth seemed to have provided him with security, and Katharina has no qualms about keeping it at his side. Every dog has a story, but there are those that will shatter your heart.


Share this note, and may Buddy's story demonstrate to the world that love can cure any hurt.