Shockingly Emaciated Dog Found Tied Up To Church Fence

 An animal rescue group is nursing a dog back to health after he was found tied up to a church fence.

When he was discovered outside the church in Fulton County, Georgia, the dog, thought to be a boxer mix, weighed only 28 pounds. The weight of a dog of his age should be at least twice his weight.


“Odysseus is presently on a feeding regimen to keep him on track and provide his body with the nourishment it sorely needs. He's also eating really well! And, thankfully, he is heartworm-free!!! He has also tested negative for a number of other ailments, so this is fantastic news!!! He's just really undernourished!” Angels Among Us Pet Rescue has a Facebook page. “This lovely youngster still has a long path ahead of him, but his future is brighter than ever! “He is also a total sweetheart! He is longing for affection, as seen by his lovely face. When he initially meets someone, he is a little hesitant, but he immediately warms up after he is talked to.


Nicole, his foster, may be seen here earlier today in the veterinary facility, embracing and loving on him. He even gave her first kiss!!! The dog was transferred to a Sandy Springs emergency veterinary hospital for treatment and is being watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In his current state, he would not have survived much longer, but his rescuers are hopeful that the tiny puppy will survive. The gang wrote, “THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE IS RESCUE.” “This is why we do what we do on a daily basis!” Share Odysseus' story with your relatives and friends to help fund local animal rescue initiatives!


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