Sick Dog Who Was Thrown Out Of Moving Car, Asks Himself If Any One Still Loves Him

 Shameless owner tossed his sick dog rather than taking him to the vet!!

Birmingham, Alabama-This is the story of Lewis, a dog that was severely neglected and abused by two animal rescue organizations.

The dog had excruciatingly painful and severe mange! He was thrown from his owner's moving automobile! Because it was a solitary spot, the owner intended him to perish! Fortunately, the entire sequence of events was seen by a kind individual, who phoned for assistance.


Lewis was taken to the veterinarian, where he received the necessary care and treatment. Lisa Hall is a well-trained lady who takes care of neglected and abused animals and is currently taking care of Lewis, who takes a long time to heal!


View the video below. Please forward this to your friends and family.

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