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Special K9 officer poses in full uniform for his new ID badge

 This is too adorable not to share.

We are well aware that dogs are man's best companion. 

According to Purely Pets, there are several reasons why dogs are a man's (or woman's) best friend. Such dogs are wonderful companions; they guard us and have tremendous talents and talent. 

Do you consider dogs to be more than just man's best friend? 

Dogs are the most adaptable domesticated animals, capable of acting as supports, defenders, rescuers, and companions. 

Some canines are domesticated, while others provide community service. 

We've heard of dogs serving in K9 units.

A police dog is a canine that has been properly trained to aid police officers and other law-enforcement personnel. Searching for drugs and explosives, identifying missing people, tracing crime scene evidence, and attacking people who have been targeted by the police are just a few of their duties. 

Meet Chico, a K9 officer with Florida's Orange County Sheriff's Office. 

He took advantage of the occasion to pose in more formal attire with his employees. Chico not only participated in the process, but also demonstrated how to do so. Chico usually only wears a K9 vest on the job.

When the occasion calls for it, he cleans up neatly. Chico's office was supposedly snapping pictures the other day. Chico went over and beyond for his official portrait. 

It's the ideal suit for him. 

According to one of the OCSO officers, "he even wore a tie for the shot." 

He was completely correct! 

A spokesman from the Sheriff's office informed The Dodo: 

“Chico is a German shepherd,” says the owner. He's five and a half years old. He has worked for the OCSO for around four and a half years. He is a drug K9 as well as a patrol dog.”

Chico shares a home with his handler and his family. 

Chico's trainer was included in one of the films posted on OCSO's official Facebook account. Last May was Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, according to the law enforcement department. They are also pleased to celebrate diversity in their organization and in the community. 

Corporal Robert Lees, Chico's handler and best buddy, is introduced. 

He stated that his dream job would be as a K-9 handler. It's easy to understand why. 

Chico is without a doubt the finest! 

He is really incredible! In one of the OCSC's December 2020 posts: 

“K-9 Chico is getting in the holiday mood; how about you?”

According to the Sheriff's Office representative: 

“He enjoys tug of war and Kongs.” 

Chico can pull off a sophisticated outfit with ease, but he can also pull off a casual one. 

Chico knew more than just how to pose for his new ID badge. In honor of the holiday season, the Sheriff's Workplace published this lovely photo of Chico wearing a Santa hat next to the office Christmas tree. 

Chico is always ready for "pawlidays!" 

If you genuinely are one of Chico's coworkers, you will show him even more affection. 

He is a one-of-a-kind, adorable K9 cop! 

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