Stray Dog Falls In Love With Flight Attendant And Always Waits For Her Outside Hotel

 Olivia tried to take Rubio to a shelter, but he refused to stay. He just wanted to be with her.

Olivia Sievers (Olivia Sievers) is a cute flight attendant from Germany, she loves dogs very much. Her flight route often passes through Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, she often stayed in the same hotel.

She noticed a stray dog outside the hotel one day. Olivia handed the dog some food. And just like that, she had a lifelong best friend. Rubio, the dog she named, was over heels in love with her. The dog, who's Sievers named Rubio, began loitering outside the hotel, waiting for Sievers to return. When he saw her, his tail began to wag, and he flopped on his side to request belly rubs.

After this happened once, Sivers initially tried to avoid Rubio. She started to Noticiero Trece: “I tried to alter my course since I didn't want him to follow me back to the hotel. But it wasn't going to happen. He always returned and followed me. I tried for an hour, but he was continually watching and following me. He was overjoyed that someone was paying attention to him.”

When it became clear that he would not leave, Sivers continued to feed Rubio. She would also wrap him in an airport blanket to keep him warm. “He waited three months for me and came to the hotel every day. I initially saw him in February (we normally stay for two days in BA), then I looked for him in April and met him for two days, and then I couldn't obtain a trip to BA until July. The hotel staff informed me that he had been coming every day since April to keep an eye out for me,” Sievers said in a YouTube comment.

She decided to contact a nearby animal shelter and ask if they would accept Rubio. They agreed to accompany him, but Rubio swiftly fled and returned to Sievers' hotel, where he waited eagerly for her. Sievers eventually chose to adopt Rubio and take him back to Germany with her.

Rubio quickly adapted to life in Germany. He enjoys roaming around Sievers' property and playing with her other dog. Sievers has also accompanied Rubio on numerous escapades. They occasionally go to play in the snow.

She also took Rubio and another dog to a nearby lake. Rubio likes to stare down at the fish in the water. Rubio like curling up near the wood-burning oven when it's bitterly chilly outside. Olivia adopted Rubio in 2016, and he is still living peacefully with her now. She posts images of him lounging in the garden, soaking in the rays. Rubio obviously chose the ideal home for a lifetime!

Rubio's life was drastically altered the day he met Sievers. He went from wandering on the streets to a great home forever, with a large garden and another dog where he can play. We're overjoyed that these two discovered each other! Check out the video below to learn more about this lovely couple! Please SHARE this with your friends.

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