Stray dog takes his hungry friend to the restaurant where he always gets free food

Some people consider the furry ones on the street to be a nuisance and will go to any length to keep them at bay. Fortunately, this is not the case for everyone. There are hundreds of foundations and organizations dedicated to advocating for animal rights.

There are also some who, on a daily basis, offer a tiny gesture to improve the life of a furry child. The owners of an Ecuadorian restaurant are one illustration of this. Every day, a charming small dog with black fur began to approach the restaurant's entrance. He was really well behaved, and his adorable tiny eyes were sure to captivate the hearts of everyone that came to the scene. The owners were unable to adopt him, so they began saving food for him, so that he would never go hungry.

The puppy thanked us by wagging his tail from side to side, and he came back at the same time every day. Later, they gave him the nickname Blacky and admitted that he was the best customer in the restaurant. Blacky was so sweet that he offered to share his restaurant privileges with his best friend.

“It's so simple to give them a little food. “Let us not be insensitive to them,” one social media user said. He came with another stray dog, and they waited at the door, hoping to provide enough food for both of them. The puppy appears to have heard the ancient adage "where it eats one, it eats two" and intended to put it into reality.

“Someone decided to invite a friend, and that was it: let's feed our furry friends from the street,” the restaurant owner explained. Best of all, the new furry visitor delighted the establishment's owners. They greeted him warmly and broadcasted what had happened on social media.

He is a gorgeous white puppy with black patches, and the employees of the company are asking their social media followers to assist them in baptizing him. There is no doubt that he will become another outstanding customer. The kindness with which these people treat the hungry puppies is a real model to emulate.

Many people will just throw them out in their case, but they do not hesitate to show that the most important thing is to help those in need.

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