Stray Dog Who Begged People To Buy Donuts, To Fund His Surgery Cost, Dies

 The outcome of this case that went so viral makes millions cry

After his death, the story of Rex, a stray dog who sold donuts to pay for his surgery, went global. Silvia V. of La Verdad Noticias rescued Rex after he was hit by a car. Silvia began selling empanadas and donuts with the help of Rex in order to pay for his meds. People began to gather at Polgono 108 Park to see Rex and buy doughnuts to help him.

Unfortunately, Rex's condition began to deteriorate, and he needed to be rushed to the hospital since he couldn't stop vomiting. Thankfully, after Silvia V. shared his story on social media, a good woman helped him see an orthopedic surgeon. Later, he was taken to a veterinary clinic to stay dehydrated while receiving serum.

Because Rex's condition was complicated, surgery was inconvenient. As a result, Silvia began asking people to contribute to Rex's cause, as he had spent a lot of money on medication and food.

Unfortunately, the dog died because he couldn't hold out any longer. Silvia said on social media that the funds raised will be used to cremate Rex, and the remaining funds will be used to help other pets in need. Rex, rest in peace!


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