Sweet Husky Who’s No Stranger To Pain Helps Kids Testify Against Their Abusers In Court

 Every single courtroom in the world needs a dog like Patriot. He is a true hero to these kids.

Dogs, in their own right, are heroes. When their emotions are moved to defend and save their humans, they will go to any length to do so. They are also a source of strength and comfort for them.

Despite being heavily discussed in the United States, dogs can be a big assist in courtrooms. Some prosecutors oppose the use of dogs in courtrooms, claiming that their presence can influence the jury's or judge's decision. They also claimed that dogs reduce tension when giving testimony, making it simpler for someone to

Dogs, on the other hand, have been shown to calm victims of abuse, particularly children. According to accounts, a youngster was able to stay engaged in a pre-trial interview for an hour in the presence of a dog to calm her down – rather remarkable given the trauma they've gone through. This is more than incredible; it is heroic. Patriot, on the other hand, is a true hero. This husky is a therapy dog who has assisted with several situations in Orange County, California. Since 2015, he has worked with children and adults in hospice care, senior homes, special needs children, domestic violence shelters, and brain trauma units, to mention a few. But, as you can see, he, too, has war scars.

Patriot understands how to console others because he has experienced pain. When he was rescued, he was only four months old, but he had been badly abused. According to the veterinarian who treated him, his muzzle was firmly wrapped with a metal wire, leaving him with lifelong scars. Patriot was adopted by his owner, Kevin Marlin. He did, however, struggle with trust.Kevin, on the other hand, discovered a way around it. He gained Patriot's trust by smearing peanut butter on his fingers and allowing him to lick it. Patriot gradually realized that Kevin is a buddy who will not harm him.


Kevin also discovered Patriot's especial ability. He understands how to reduce someone's suffering. Taylor, his autistic son, experienced this effect. Patriot's "healing" power miraculously lowered Tyler's meds. He considered training Patriot for the OCSPCA's therapeutic program. And, according to Kevin, it was something that arose spontaneously from Patriot. He breezed through the program in less than a year. Kevin believes that this wonderful puppy simply wants to get started and help others right now. As a result, Patriot assisted numerous children in testifying against their abusers.

Kevin said to People: “Kids sit and pet him while speaking with attorneys and investigators, and they instantly feel more at ease. It is tough for them to relive what happened to them, but he helps them to feel calm and gives them courage and strength.”

Patriot and 13 other therapy dogs were instrumental in the success of Orange County's PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) Assist the Needs of the District Attorney (PANDA) Program. PANDA project manager Alicia Nicosia said: “This great initiative is assisting in the promotion of justice with compassion.” They provided assistance to youngsters who were victims of sexual assault as a result of their program. It helped youngsters relax, feel less nervous to testify, and provided them strength because these dogs give them a sense of comfort and safety. We hope that this becomes a positive trend throughout the country.

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